La Casa de los Abuelos

About Me

My name is Bob and I am a retired American, now living and teaching in Querétaro. I was a professor of philosophy in the United States and am again giving classes at a university in Querétaro.

I live nearby and can provide some occasional assistance, if required. This personal touch includes greeting you upon arrival and welcoming you with a complimentary basket of wine, chocolate, gourmet coffee and teas. So that your first morning will be relaxing, I stock the house with various breakfast items to get you started.

I have assembled a comprehensive booklet that explains important things about the apartment, the neighborhood and the city. It includes a list of recommended restaurants and gift shops.

I speak English and Spanish and can help you make appointments. If you let me know in advance, I can provide you with information regarding car rentals and arrange for beauty parlor or spa treatments.

You will be within easy walking distance of two language schools and I can help you make arrangements for classes.

I can send you directions and instructions on how to get through the Mexico City Airport. Let me know if you need this and I will email them before you leave home.

Come stay in Querétaro and enjoy the incredible Mexican culture and climate, the friendly people and their joyous music and delicious food.

Please contact me to check availability:
or call me at (740) 994-4316 (this is an Ohio number direct to me in Querétaro).