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Come Visit Querétaro

First of all, Querétaro is pronounced keh-REH-taw-rwo.

Querétaro's historic center has been designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Its beautiful colonial architecture set the scene for many important events in the history of Mexico. The historic district is full of splendid churches with impressive domes, lovely plazas teeming with life, and interesting pedestrian streets.

You will be perfectly situated amongst all these wonders. Moreover, as you are exploring the historic downtown, you'll find restaurants and cafes, museums, art galleries and interesting stores. The apartment is just a block away from a typical Mexican market. It is a colorful place to visit and a great place to shop.

The Theater of the Republic is historically significant and currently home of the Querétaro Symphony Orchestra. The aqueduct is an impressive historical monument. The Alameda is an enormous tree-filled park. The historic area of Querétaro is easy to walk around, and really rewards the effort.

Querétaro is safe and famously clean (see what The Toronto Star has to say about that). The people are quite welcoming to visitors. There is a vibrant night-life both in and out of the historic center. There is a real range of restaurants, from taco carts to fine dining. You can stroll around the center and find music, theater, street performers or families just out having fun. There are always activities to enjoy and I provide maps and calendars of activities.

Outside of the historical center, Querétaro is a modern city. You will find many of the services and business you are used to. There is Costco, Sam's, Walmart, Office Depot, OfficeMax, Home Depot, and other familiar stores, all within short taxi rides. There is a modern mall with a Liverpool department store and a Sears.

The climate in the central highlands of Mexico is ideal. There is no wrong time of the year to visit Querétaro; it is cooler in the summer months than most of the US. It is in the high desert so there's no humidity. April and May are the warmest months, and even then the mornings and evenings are cool and refreshing. Temperatures range from 85°F/60°F (29°C/16°C) in the warmer months to 75°F/55°F in the cooler months (24°C/13°C). You may be interested in these weather statistics for Querétaro.

Querétaro is well situated for day trips to other interesting colonial cities and towns. It is less than an hour from San Miguel de Allende, Tequisquiapan and Bernal, which has the world's second largest monolith. I can help you plan trips to Mexico City, beaches, or other destinations further away.

Querétaro has a an international airport (QRO) with direct flights from Houston on Continental. It is also easily accessible from Mexico City (MEX) with direct bus service to Querétaro (3 hours non-stop). Also convenient is the international airport at Guanajuato/León (BJX). When possible, I pick you up at the bus terminal in Querétaro or at the Querétaro airport.

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